How To Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown? & Its Importance

You may be planning for your graduation day, and for that, you will need your graduation gown to be ready. Are you prepared with your graduation gown? You are at the right place if you are still preparing and asking someone how to unwrinkle a graduation gown.

Whether you are going to attend your high school or college’s last day there, you will be around so many of your loved ones, and they will be clicking photos with you. Most importantly, you will be in the main picture with the guests, who will congratulate you on your achievements.

Therefore, you do not want your dress to have wrinkles, right? If your dress has any wrinkles, you must make it look clean and neat, or it can ruin your emotional memories of meeting your classmates for the last time.

If you want to create memorable movements and feel comfortable on your graduation day, you should unwrinkle your gown.

In this blog post, we have discussed a complete process to unwrinkle and how wearing a graduation gown can make you comfortable on your graduation day. Follow the complete process discussed below to unwrinkle your gown in the easiest way to create a memorable movement.

What Is Graduation Gown?

A graduation gown is a long robe worn over formal attire, and it is worn on graduation day by high school, college, or university students. It is also called academic regalia or cap and gown. It comes in various fabrics and colors that colleges or universities endorse.

Does Every Graduation Gown Vary Based on Degree Level?

The design of graduation gown varies by degree level. Suppose you have completed your bachelor’s – for that, you will be wearing a dress with a simple robe that covers your entire body and has pointed sleeves and a closed front.

Upon completion of a master’s degree, students wear a more extended gown that has closed and oblong sleeves and is open at the wrist. If someone has completed their doctoral, they wear an elaborate gown created with velvet, with panels at the sides, and voluminous with bell-shaped sleeves.

Importance of Unwrinkling a Graduation Gown

Unwrinkling your graduation gown makes you feel comfortable on your graduation day as you will be around many people, including the chief guest, who will felicitate you. So, when you unwrinkle your graduation gown, it will mitigate spoiling your photo clicks.

For example,

Imagine you are wearing a graduation gown full of wrinkles and taking a photo with the guest facilitating by giving you your degree. Will it make you comfortable to go to the state? Of course not. The wrinkles on your gown will ruin your most essential memories as you will be clicking pictures with your friends and family.

All your graduation day memories are going to stay with you all your life. Therefore, you must make your graduation gown clean and needed before your graduation day.

Is It Necessary to Know Gown’s Material Before Unwrinkling?

Graduation gowns are designed using various fabrics. If you know the fabric of your graduation gown. It will be easy for you to unwrinkle your gown and get prepared in advance for your graduation day.

Below, we have added some standard fabrics used to design gowns. It will help you unwrinkle your gown if you have any fabrics discussed here.


It is one of the most commonly used fabrics to make graduation dresses. The best part of polyester is that it is lightweight, shrink-resistant, mildew-resistant, and quick to dry.


It is a lightweight manufactured fabric that is cool, shrink-resistant, mildew-resistant and dries quickly. Even if you wash it overnight, it will dry, and you can use it in case you need your gown to be ready to wear.


If you have charmeuse fabric for your graduation dress, it will have a rich luster and be as lightweight as others.


Crepe is the one that gets shapes quickly, which means it will have lots of wrinkles. Crepe material comes with a matte surface and flowing texture.


If you have satin fabric for your graduation gown. You can use a steam remover, which will quickly get unwrinkled as it has structured fabric with a shiny finish.

Now, you have the right reasons why unwrinkling is essential. If you get to know the fabric of your gown, it will help you get wrinkles out of graduation gown without losing the its shine.

How do you get wrinkles out of a graduation gown?

Understandably, you do not want your graduation gown to be wrinkly, which will steal all the focus from your achievements or may ruin your graduation celebration.

The graduation gown has folds and creases, which get wrinkled when you take it from the package you received. Even if it is new, you will see folded wrinkles on your gown; therefore, you must learn how to clean it and check essential things like graduation honor cords for college or high school gowns.

Whatever fabric your graduation gown has, it needs good care. If you are careless, keep your things the right way, whether it is your graduation gown or others. You have to put in extra effort or require a professional dry cleaning of your graduation gown, which will cost you money.

Steps to Unwrinkle a Graduation Gown

Following the proper steps to unwrinkle your graduation gown can mitigate various issues like melting, losing its shine, tearing, and requiring a lot of effort.

We have discussed a complete process of how to unwrinkle a graduation gown in just three steps. Check how you can do it without going somewhere else, and can charge you.

First, you must wash the gown to remove the wrinkles (do not machine wash and dry. It will damage or tear the fabric). Providentially, with a few mild tricks, you can instantly get the wrinkles out of your gown at home without using a dryer.

1. Use Steaming on the Graduation Gown

  • Hang the gown on a hanger for a while after putting it out of the cellophane packaging so that it will get stretched straight. It will make the gown wrinkles soft, making it easy to get rid of hard wrinkles. Use a wooden hanger rather than a wire hanger to hang the gown and remove the snagging of the gown’s fabric.
  • Hang the gown from your shower rod in the bathroom. Do not hang the gown too close to the shower. Hang it in a direction where it will quickly get steam from the hot shower water and will not get splashed by the water directly.
  • Run the hot shower water for at least 15-20 minutes. The steam will de-wrinkle the gown. Stretch and tug on the fabric to help ease the creases. Close the bathroom door so the steam process for removing wrinkles from your graduation gown takes place quickly.

2. Iron your gown

  • Iron the graduation gown with a low heat with steam. Wait until the iron has a low heat. Some of the irons have a button mentioning the purpose of heating it. You can set it according to your gown fabric.
  • Place the gown on a straight ironing board and put the towel over it. Flatten your gown on the board, cover the gown’s fabric with a towel to melt the fabric, and help remove the wrinkles on the gown.
  • Place the gown inside to protect its top layer from scorching marks while ironing.
  • Carefully iron the creases and edges so no wrinkles will be left on the gown.

3. Treating the Gown with Vinegar Spray

Mix some water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Find an empty bottle inside your house; prefer using a glass bottle more than a plastic spray bottle because it is more suitable for the mixture of water and vinegar that we will pour into it.

  • Pour 1 cup of distilled water and two teaspoons of vinegar into the spray bottle. After doing this, you will get a wrinkles release spray, which will be used to reach the creases out of your gown.
  • Shake the spray bottle vigorously for a minute so the mixture of water and vinegar will combine perfectly. And effect well to get wrinkles out of the gown.
  • Do not overuse the spray, and prevent the vinegar smell. Give enough time for your gown to dry so the smell of the vinegar evaporates. Do not use the spray before your graduation day, or your gown may not get dry in time.

You will get rid of wrinkles from your graduation gown soon and will be able to enjoy your graduation day to the fullest and with happiness.

Final thoughts

Your graduation day is one of the crucial days, and you will have no reason not to record this day’s memory. You will click photos with the chief guests while they felicitate you and your loved ones. If your dress is not attractive enough, it will make you feel inferior and spoil all your pictures to create a memorable movement that you must be looking for because your graduation day is not going to come back again where you will meet your friends, classmates, and others to celebrate the day – as it is going to be the last day to honor it.

So, get wrinkles out of the graduation gown by following the most uncomplicated process discussed above to make your graduation day remarkable.