List of Stationery Items for School In 2024

” You can never have too much stationery.” 

Walking in the mall, you see cute little notebooks and attractive pens, and you cannot resist yourself. Stationery items are mostly one of the most eye catching products in any store. Moreover, students, teachers, or any office worker not only interests them but also helps them complete anything efficiently and in a creative manner. So, to know more about the stationery supplies that can be helpful for you, let’s have a look at a list of amazing items. 

List of Stationery Items for School

1. Highlighter Pen 

highlighter must have stationery

Highlighter pens are used for highlighting the important points in notebooks or books. It can also be used to put focus on the vital text or words. They come in different colors so that you can differentiate and divide them according to your preference. 

The pens are also used for making creative content or making notes more interesting. These costs are not that much and lie around 5-8 dollars only. 

2. Notepads

school stationery notepadsNotepads (writing pad, drawing pad, legal pad, scratch pads) are notebooks that are used for writing important notes quickly, recording memos, drawing, or scrapbooking and journaling as well. Have a look at our article on how to take notes on a book for more details.

There are different types of notepads that you can get online at the cost of 5-17 Dollars. You can select as per your preference. 

3. Pencil Sharpener

school stationery pencil sharpenerIn the list of stationery items for school, the pencil sharpener is again a necessary stationery item that is used by everyone in the school. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you need a pencil sharpener to sharpen your pencil quickly so you can do your work without any interruption.

Many quality sharpeners have different shapes of holes for different types of pencils to sharpen.

You can buy a quality sharpener online at the cost of 15-27 Dollars.

4. Pencil Case

stationery school pencil caseA pencil Case is a must-have stationery for school. It is a box to store pencils, rubber, sharpener, pens, ruler, marker. Always carry your favorite pencil box in school as it’s a necessary stationery item that can store other important stationery items in it. It’s like a magical box to store stationery products.

You can get a stylish Pencil Case at the cost of 2-17 Dollars.

5. Eraser

stationery school eraserEraser used to erase pencil written text. You can use an eraser in school while attending art class when you are doing sketching to erase and correction.

You can buy a pack of Erasers at the cost of 1-3 Dollars.

6. Stapler

school stationery staplerstapler is a piece of professional equipment used in offices and schools by students, teachers, and office workers. You can use it to staple pages or similar material by joining them with thin metal.

You can buy some cool staplers online at the cost of 9-20 Dollars.

7. Pencil

stationery school pencilThe pencil is the most common writing item but a very important stationery item, which is used by every school and organization.

You can use a pencil to write or draw in school.

Get favorite pencils in different colors online at the cost of 1-5 Dollars.

8. Whitener

school stationery whitenerWhitener is one of the best items of the list of stationery items for school. It is also named as a text hider or correction pen. It used for correction and overwrote over a wrong written text by spilling a white liquid over it.

Students use it to correct text they wrote in textbooks.

You can buy a whitener online at the cost of 2-17 Dollars.

9. Scissors

scissorsScissors used to cut papers and mainly used students in craft projects in school. Always use scissors carefully as it is made of sharp metal to cut papers.

You can use it for craft and arts in schools.

Before buying scissors, always ask your parents. A scissor can cost you 4-17 Dollars.

10. Ruler

stationery ruler stationery scaleruler is a mathematical tool used in geometry and technical drawing. It is also called a rule or line gauge. It is used in school by students to draw geometry diagrams.

You can buy beautiful colored rulers online at the cost of 2-12 Dollars.

Some more list of stationery supplies

11. Glitter

school glitter penGlitter is a decorative stationery item which used to decorate paper, postcards, and handcrafts.

You can use it to decorate your school projects beautifully with different colored glitters.

Buy your favorite colored glitters online at the cost of 3-18 Dollars.

12. Document Holder

school document holderThe document holder is a must-have stationery for school. It is used to store your school certificates, awards, and class year mark sheets.

You can buy beautifully designed and quality Document Holders online at the cost of 4-10 Dollars.

13. Paper Clips

school paper clipsPaper Clips is a small stationery item. It used to clip multiple papers and make a single sheet of various documents.

You can use it to attack your important school documents together.

You can buy a set of Paper Clips online at the cost of 5-12 Dollars.

14. Tape

school colored tapesStationery tapes generally used to stick torn papers, putting paper projects and posters together. You can use Stationery Tapes to decorate school assignments.

Buy fancy colored Tapes online at the price of 2-5 Dollars

15. School Bags

school bagsSchool bags are the first basic and must-have stationery for school. It is used to hold other stationery items like books It is a stationery item which every kid carries on their back. School Bags used to store school books and documents inside in it.

You can buy new, designed bags online at the cost of 10-50 Dollars.

16. Calculators


These are the electronic devices that are used to ease the calculation process of any sector or person. There are times when the calculations are in 3 or 4 digits and quite impossible to do with a list of numbers, and here, calculators are one of the best tools to use. 

These come in different types according to the work, such as scientific, basic, financial, or basic. These can perform multiple different calculations other than simple addition and subtraction. 

17. Hole Punch 

Hole Punch
Hole Punch

These are used for filing anything important, whether as a student or an older person; these can make work easy to punch in any document or sheet and then put in a particular place. For example, if you want to make a project file, you can make holes in the normal sheet and place it in the file to get access to all the documents in the same place. 

18. Paperweight 


This is a small, heavy object that is placed at the top of any paper or lightweight item that needs to be secured in one place and can be blown away or moved under a brush stroke. These can be made of different materials, such as glass, metal, or any other materials. 

These also come in different sizes and weights according to the requirement. 

19. Stamps 


Stamps are one of the customizable items that can be used for official purposes for authorization of any paper. This is used to notify the things that are approved and can be further processed. 

They come in different sizes and designs; some are for fun, and some are for legal work. 

20. Sticky notes 

Sticky notes
Sticky notes

Small notes that are helpful in writing the important pointer for the day and sticking it anywhere you want to, which is in the best sights. Or we can say it is important at the times when you want to remember something that is important. They are also used to differentiate between two sections in the notebook. They also come in different colors so that you can have a better look and not be confused over one another. 

21. Envelopes 


It is a flat, mostly rectangular or square piece of paper or box that has a flap to fold over and seal after placing the desired item. These are basically used for letters, thin packages, and some paper. 

These can be used by students as well as for office purposes to provide some document-related papers. 

22. Glue Stick 

Glue Stick
Glue Stick

It is the solid or hard type of glue that is found in a push-up container, often a tube. These are very handy and less messy than the regular glue application. The user can work with it on any surface and for different purposes. 

The main function of it is to provide strong adhesive so that two things are put together and stick for a longer period of time. 

The above list of stationery for school is still incomplete in some items. If you know any better stationery, then please mention it in the comment section below.

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