What Is a Tally Book & Why Your Business Requires a Custom Tally Book

Everyone is looking for an organized way to work effectively and improve their productivity. You may be looking for the right method for your business, too. One that can help you improve your work, right? If so, embarking on the solution of utilizing tally books can aid in improving your performance and help a business team deliver top results.

However, individuals and businesses have been using tally books at their workplaces, including oil or gas industries, mining workers, and many other industries, for a long time. Despite the technological advancement and inclusion of digital devices, custom tally books are still a preferred method of performing various tasks like taking notes, managing employees, writing down measurements, daily work lists, etc.

In this blog, we have discussed everything in detail that will help you get a clear understanding of how you can use a tally book for your business purposes. 

Let us check everything you need to know about tally books.

What Is a Tally Book

A tally book is simply a writing pad. It is used by workers to take down notes and information. It sometimes consists of papers that are wirebound or bounded from the top side and covered by a leather cover; such tally books are also known as Pipe Tally Books. 

When the pages of a tally book are filled completely, then you can also use tally book refills to start the work on it again. However, tally books are being used as writing pads in the industries like oil, construction, and others. Primarily, they are used in the oil industry, and since then, they are sometimes referred to as oilfield tally books.

Which Industries Can Use Tally Books

Tally books can be used in all those industries that want to manually enter the data for work or sometimes want to eliminate the use of digital devices, including software, which may be challenging to operate or hard to carry and use easily. 

The employees rely heavily on using tally books because it provides them more flexibility and ease of access than computers. Although keeping all your data safe in computers is very efficient, when you come from various industries such as oil, gas, fishing, construction, or any other, it is more convenient to write down all the vital information in your tally book. Another advantage of a small tally book is that you can carry it easily in your pocket.

If you are from an industry like oil or gas, construction, mining, or other such industries, you can not carry any digital device wherever you are on duty or an ordinary book. If you want to use a digital device or an average book instead of a tally book, carrying and using it easily without getting it damaged can be challenging.

The Difference Between An Ordinary Notepad & Tally Book

Tally books are often accompanied by a durable leather or vinyl cover, which keeps the pages dry and safe when you are out in the field. Also, the paper used in oilfield tally books is stone paper. Stone paper is a bit different from wood or pulp-based paper. It is very flexible, hard to tear, and oil, and water-resistant.  It is a mineral-based paper, and it allows the tally book to become a better alternative to other methods of note-taking in the fields. Extra pages could also be inserted to store additional information in the form of tables and charts.

All these differences between Tally books and standard writing pads make them the best choice for companies in the oil, gas, mining, and wind energy industries.

Tally Books Vs. Digital Devices/Software

When it comes to tally books vs. digital devices or software, the tally books win, as they can deliver professionals and laborers with ease of recording the entire data of their day-to-day work whether they are moving from one place to another on a ship to fill their fishing data or working at an oil site to write the serial number of equipment, pipe tally, etc. It will be simple to use at any time without worrying about getting it wet while finishing or quickly filling data at the gas and oil field.

On the other side, the usage of digital devices in wet and dusty places may damage or spoil these expensive devices compared to the most affordable method of tally books.

How To Use Tally Books For Marketing & Advertising Of Your Company

These days, marketing the product and creating a remarkable brand are very important for every company. So, all the stationery items that you use in your business could also become part of your marketing strategy. You can get your company logo printed on the pipe tally book cover and personalize other design aspects as you choose. A customized leather-bound tally book looks very nice and leaves a good impression on all your employees. You can also use tally books as a gift for your valued customers and business partners.

Using branded stationery items instills a sense of confidence and pride among the new employees. Including some pages in the tally book with some introductory information about your company is a great way to introduce recruits to the work culture of the organization.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tally Books

Tally books come in a few types and of different quality. So, when you buy a tally book, you must check some of the critical facts that can help you a lot. Reading below, we can help you identify what type of tally book you can buy for your use. It will help you a lot and provide you with a clear understanding of how to use it.

1. Paper quality

You must consider the paper quality first because you will be using it at different sites, oily or dusty places, etc. If you buy low-quality paper for your use and you use it at a construction site, It will be difficult for you to use it easily; the paper may get tired while writing; the ink of your pen may be visible on the alternate side of a page, and it will be a worse experience to fill up another page with important data you want to have. If you want to keep the manually written data safe – the poor-quality paper may not last for a long time.

2. Cover

A rich quality will help you with two things. One, it can help you keep your book last, use it as many times as you want, and get a luxurious feel. The top advantage that you can leverage is to use it for your brand promotion.

Customization of a tally book provides you space to add your company name. Its logo, slogan, brand color palette, and much more. Whether you are giving it to your clients or the employees, it will be an excellent thing for you and help you deliver a message that you may not be able to offer the other way or may be expensive.

Why don’t you leverage it for your use? You can make it practical to get started and deliver a message you want to spread.

Check both the options, quality, and customization of a tally book to make it an effective impression and use.

3. Page Types

The pages within tally books come in various designs ( the purpose of use). You can find page design patterns with horizontal lines and margins on the side.

Pages with boxes can be used to record data for various things, such as filling with figures on the go at a site.

4. Size of A Tally Book

You are choosing a tally book because of its ease of use, right? What if you get a larger side? Will that be easy for you to use? Not at all! So, you must consider using its size before you finalize and buy. The top thing that you can do is check its size vertically. Will you be able to put it in your pocket? Will it be easy to carry in one hand? If so, you can do with it and buy a tally book because you can easily carry it and put it into your pocket while on duty.

The above are some of the essential factors that you must consider before you decide to buy tally books for your use. It will help you with the top thing to have for your use and get the best fit you want to have with ease of use.

How Can USA Pad Help Get Customized Tally Books

Customization is an excellent option if you want to make your internal and external audience aware of your business branding. Additionally, it can also help you increase your entire team’s productivity and eliminate the use of digital and expensive devices where they can get damaged easily.

So, to help a plethora of our clients worldwide, we at USA Pad’s team understand every individual and business’s unique requirements to get a customized solution. Our team has designed and created customized tally books for various users; you, too, may be looking for solutions to help you out of it. Do not worry; we can help you with it and provide you with a top solution to get custom books for your organization or individual use. We can help you with all the elements you require, such as your brand color palette (theme color), the logo of your company, the fonts you want, and other elements.


Tally books are a great option for working effectively, especially when they are on-site, working at dangerous places where digital devices can not be operated. Tally books are a great option to help you be organized and improve your productivity. Its use will make it easy to use and deliver ease of operation to human operators anywhere, as well as affordable solutions and other top advantages of using a tally book for multiple purposes.

If you are looking for the top quality and customized solution for tallying books at the best price that does not affect your budget with wider options, then we at USA Pad can help you with that. We have different varieties, including other related products, that can help you a lot in saving you time and buying from one place.

So, get your personalized Tally Book at affordable prices and improve your brand image.