The Best Pens for Note Taking In 2024

There are a wide variety of pens available which you use for writing and stuff. But before choosing the right pen for your work you have to be clear about which purpose you want to use it.

You may want to use:-

  • Pens for note-taking
  • Pens for drawing
  • Pens for article writing
  • Pens for planning journal
  • Pens for bullet journal
  • Pens for studying
  • Pens for mapping projects
  • Pens for Highlighting

Every pen has its own benefits for a particular work Its not a random choice to pick up the right pen for your work, you also have to be sure about the paper on which you are writing, what type of point the size the pen has, what type of ink will print the best and the colors options.

These features will help you improve your overall experience with a particular pen. You can find out the best pen for note taking from the below list.

Best Pens for Note Taking

1. Ball Pens for note-taking –

ball pens

Ball pens are the most demanding pen for note-taking. It is the first priority of people as it flows with the writing. Ball pens are used for rough writing and note-taking. Ball pens tip is also smooth which helps in fast writing without any stop and it`s ink rarely smears. Ball pens come in various color variations.


2. Inner Gel Needle Tip Pen –

inner gel pen

Inner Gel Needle Tip Pen is worth to use as its a super-fast drying pen which excludes ink smearing. This could be the best pens for note-taking if you are studying for your exams or want to perform a good hand-writing then this might be the pen you should go for. The ink is slim which makes the writing look beautiful. The tip point is 5 millimeters.

You can buy gel pens online at a cost of – 2 Dollars


3. Preppy Fountain Pen –

preppy fountain pens

When we thought about the best pens for note-taking then how could we will not imagine Fountain Pen on our list. Preppy Fountain Pen is the most used and a classic hand-writing pen with great smoothness. It has a pointed nib rather than pointed tips. The hand-writing is generally thick on the paper but it depends on your speed, pressure, and direction You can refill the ink in the fountain pen, which means it could be last forever for use.

You can buy Fountain Pen online at a cost of – 5-10 Dollars


4. Pilot precise V5 Rolling Ball Pen –

pilot precise v5 roller ball stick pen

The pilot precise VS rolling ball pen is super thin and very smooth for writing and will be the best pens for note taking. It uses a ballpoint rolling mechanism with water base liquid and gel ink. The pen leaves the gel on the paper smoothly and dries quickly. You can use the pen to take quick notes for your different purpose.

You can get Pilot precise VS Rolling Ball Pen at a cost of – 3-10 dollars


5. Pigma Micron Pen –

pigma micron pen

6. Pigma Micron Pen works with a flow. The ink gets dry quickly and doesn`t smear. The pen is great for drawing diagrams or for writing journals. The pen is mainly used by artists who want to write with an attractive design. This pen can be the best pens for note taking.

You can buy Pigma Micron Pen at a cost of – 1- 3 Dollars


7. Uni-Ball Vision Elite Pen –

Uni roller elite ball pen

Uni-Ball Vision Elite Pen is another smooth, Stylish and easy fast pen to write but with a slow dry of ink and comes out quickly. With this pen, you should prefer soft writing because hard writing may result in bleed through the paper. The ink used in the pen is water-proof, water spills will not affect the ink or smear it. You can use the pen for every general purpose.

You can get Uni-Ball Vision Elite Pen at a cost of – 5 – 36 Dollars


8. Paper Mate Ink Joy Pen –


paper mate ink joy gel pen

Papermate Ink Joy Pen is a super-fast dry ink pen that helps you in fast writing without any stoppage where you don’t have to worry about smearing. Generally, the ink used in the pen is light but you can switch it to dar if you want. You can use Papermate Ink Joy pen for rough writings and it can be the best pens for note taking.

You can buy Paper Mate Ink Joy Pen at a cost of – 4 to 5 dollars


9. Staedtler Try Plus Fineliner –

staedlar pen

Staedler Try Plus Fineliner is also a smooth and quick pen for drawing. It gives you the best and effortless writing. The pointed tip of it is so smooth that it automatically drags through the paper give s you the finest handwriting. The rubberized grip also gives you perfect comfort with excellent handwriting. With the use of this pen, you will be able to take quick notes for your studies and for important purposes.

You can get Staedler Try Plus Fineliner – 8 – 15 Dollars

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